The Pennsylvania Holstein Association (PHA) is a membership organization with the purpose of promoting the Registered Holstein breed and its breeders and owners. Membership renewal notices for 2022-2023 will be sent out by the beginning of October. If you do not see your renewal notice by October 15, please let the PA Holstein office know at 814-234-0364 or

Adult Membership Fee (see chart below): A subscription to the PA Holstein Profiles magazine and Farmshine weekly dairy publication is included in this base fee. 

Membership Levels

  1. Members with 1-99 cows $125
  2. Members with 100-499 cows $250
  3. Members with 500 or more cows $500
  4. Associate Member related to a PAID member farm in levels A, B, & C $80

**For farm accounts, additional members can be added for $80 per adult after the farm joins at one of the following levels A, B, or C. This is important for that individual to have “show” privileges and save on registration costs 

 **Out-of-state and/or show only members that are partnered with members in levels A, B, or C will be asked to pay an $80 membership (level D) so that your animal can exhibit at Regional Summer Championship Shows and the Pennsylvania Spring and Fall Shows

  1. Supporter Membership $70

(These Members will not receive Holstein USA registration discounts or PHA showing privileges)

Three options to join today!

Download the application form here, fill out & mail to PHA office.

Adult Membership Application

Complete application here and pay with a credit card on our e-commerce site

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Call the office to process your membership over the phone and pay with a credit card

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Adult Membership Benefits

Save on Registration costs

Did you know that as a member of your state and national Holstein associations you can save $20 for each calf registered? In a time when every dollar counts, Registered Holsteins offer added value to any dairy herd. Any PHA member that wants to register animals through the Holstein Association USA will benefit from discounts by being a state Holstein member. Cut registration costs by becoming a member of both organizations. This chart highlights the savings:

Animal Age PHA & National Member National only SAVINGS
Under 3 months $10 $18 $8
3-5 months $15 $21 $6
6-11 months $25 $35 $10
12-24 months $40 $55 $15
24+ months $55 $80 $25


Your paid membership gets you coupons to save when you purchase products from these friends of the Association. 

Premier Select Sires Inc.PBS Animal Health

Richard Mellinger Semen SalesCOBA Select Sires

PA Holstein Profiles

The PA Holstein Profiles magazine provides an outstanding opportunity for breeders to market their herds. For more details on this publication, contact the editor, Rose Morian at 814-282-3371


This informative weekly dairy focused publication provides valuable information and ads for highlighted cattle, real estate, and equipment sales in Pennsylvania and the east coast.

Member Events

Each year the state association holds numerous events for its members, including adult and junior conventions, Convention sale, and on occasion a state picnic and a young adult outing. 

Individual county associations host events such as twilight/barn meetings, shows, banquets, and picnics. PHA strives to provide its members with the chance to meet fellow Holstein breeders and learn from other producers. Pennsylvania Holstein offers numerous opportunities for breeders to showcase their herds. Each year a state Spring show, six regional summer championship shows, and state fall championship shows are held. PHA’s state fall championship shows are conducted in conjunction with national level shows during the All-American Dairy Show in September. The PHA Juniors show in the Premier National JR Holstein Show and open in the Eastern National Holstein Show, both Holstein USA recognized shows.

Support PA Dairy Youth

PHA’s support of Youth is second to none through programs that encourage youth to learn about the dairy industry and develop leadership skills.

Cattle Sales Program

PA Holstein conducts consignment, dispersal, export, and private treaty sales that aid in accomplishing our goal of adding increased revenue to our members dairy operations

Become Involved

Members can be directly involved in the association through committee participation or by representing their county association on the state Board of Directors. Committees meet one to two times each year and are essential for the direction of PHA. The Board of Directors is the decision-making group for the organization. Directors serve a 3-year term and can serve two, 3-year terms consecutively. After a paid member serves as the State Director for their county association then they can run to represent their district on the State Executive committee (six members) and/or seek to be elected to one of our state Association’s officer positions: President (two year term); Vice-President (two year term); and Treasurer (three year term and can serve multiple consecutive terms).

Membership FAQs

1. How can I renew my membership?

Renewing your membership is easy:

Three options to join today!

  1. Download the application form here, fill out & mail to PHA office with your payment.
  2. Complete application here and pay with a credit card on our e-commerce site
  3. Call the office 814-234-0364 to process your membership on the phone and pay with a credit card
2. How do I sign up for classification or other programs?

Signing up for classification, getting animals registered, getting a prefix, ordering tags or signing up for other services can all be done through Holstein Association USAContact their customer service department at 800-952-5200 or or reach out to one of Holstein USA's area representatives. 

3. Instead of individual memberships, can I set up a farm account for PHA membership?

Yes! If you have several family members involved on the farm who need to be members, they can be added to a farm account. For these accounts PHA will need to know which family members/partners make up the farm account.

4. What type of membership should we enroll in if our farm is a collection of individual adult owners of our own individual cattle that want to maintain “show” privileges?

Join as a farm account or parents or lead family member based on the herd size (see chart above) at membership levels A, B, or C. Then it's $80 per adult family member (Level D) that maintain their individual ownership of Holstein cattle.

5. Does the Supporter Member (Level E) allow for savings on registration fees and the privilege to show in PHA sanctioned shows?

NO. To realize the savings and to have the privilege to show in PHA shows,  please sign up for membership in levels A, B, C & D when it applies (see question 4)

We invite you to be a part of the most active state Holstein Association in the United States.