Our Mission:

“Pennsylvania Holstein Association shall promote the Holstein dairy industry through ethical and lawful activities to enhance the profitability of Holstein dairy producers in Pennsylvania and beyond.”

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We need breeding age heifers that are registered or sire identified. They need to be tested negative for leucosis, neospora and BVD.

We need 200 Registered Holstein heifers six (6) to ten (10) months old. We need Sire Identified Holstein heifers three (3) to six (6) months old with DHIA records.

We need Fresh (30-50 day fresh) free-stall cows (in their first or second lactation) They must be on DHIA test.

If you have animals for sale that meet these specifications, please contact David Lentz at 717-329-9202 or by e-mail at djl1018@pa.net As always, if you have cattle to market or are in need of cattle, please contact Pennsylvania Holstein Association at 814-234-0364 or by e-mail at contact@paholsteins.com es here