Helpful Tips for paying your membership online.

  • Click on Tab at the top of the page PA Holstein Association Base Membership – This will take you to the online membership form.Filling out of the form works best if you use the Tab Key or the Mouse to navigate through the form.Once inside the form, the base fee with 5% discount is will be added to your cart, you then tab through the form and fill in all of your membership information that can be found on your application received in the mail.  Update the optional items, if you have NO COWS you must still place a 0 in the line item.  Same with optional donations you must fill in a 0 to proceed. If you do not know your national ID number simply use a 0 in this field.

    The system will automatically give you the 5% on your cow fee as well as the Base Fee until November 1st.

  • Please remember a 3% Surcharge will be added at check out.
  • You will received an email confirmation in approximately 2 to 3 days.